ESCO is a well-organized and structured, which has always been careful to develop internally a high technical and professional competence in the use of the products it markets. A careful and detailed planning in the training of staff dedicated to sales and customer care we can provide the customer with a service of the highest quality, both at the time of purchase, both in the post-sale.

Assistance at the time of purchase

The availability and knowledge of our employees allows us to guarantee the customer the opportunity to choose the product that best suits their needs with peace of mind then feed without the fear of choosing incorrectly. Our staff will listen carefully to your instructions and show you all products of our catalog that will suit your business needs.

After-sales service

Our philosophy of work provides the maximum assistance to customers. By purchasing a product from the ESCO you are sure to enjoy a unique service for reliability, trustworthiness and competence. The professionalism and talent of our employees allows us to consistently deliver a quality service, regardless of the type of customer (or small professional SPA) and the product (equipment massage with water or simple folding bed for massage).
Contact the staff of ESCO means having the right answer for each question and the resolution for each type of problem.